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Client Testimonials

Always accommodating and pleasant, Noel St. John provides professional service and impressive photographic images.  I have been extremely pleased with his attention to detail and ability to quickly produce high quality photographs.

Wilma Sothern, Vice President, Marketing, Central Atlanta Progress

”St. John Photographics is not only a job well done; it’s a friendly staff with the utmost quality of work and professionalism.  Our photography results are crucial for pre and post-media coverage of our music, entertainment and lifestyle events.  One glance at a St. John photo can take you back to the exact vibe and energy that was in the air the day or night it was taken… And, when you’re dealing with the media and high-profile clients, that’s exactly what you need!”  

Jessica Garcia, Publicist, 360 Media, Inc.

"Not only does Noel St. John capture the pure energy of our live shows in his photography, but also displays a work ethic that is unmatchable."

Ryan Wexler, American Devils

“The key to getting a great picture is first of all knowing everything you can about the subject you’re shooting.  Noel St. John and his company take the art of photography to a level of human psychology.  This guy knows what his pictures are going to look like before he even uncaps his lens because he’s made sure to meet, talk to, and engage his subject's to the point of almost being them!  Noel’s a true artist.”

Craig Stegall, B2 Management and Artist Development


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